Earth Charter Community Indicators Project

The Earth Charter Community Indicators’ Project, a citizen engagement effort to measure
quality of life in Tampa began to take form after the 2003 Summit. Behavioral scientists know
that what gets measured is what changes over time.  So to improve the quality of life in
Tampa, the project will develop indicators to measure what would make Tampa an enjoyable
place to live and to work. What makes this project different from others is the planned large
scale involvement of over 20,000 citizens and the inclusion of the measurement of a “sense of
community” as one of the indicators based on the personal trust and connectedness of
people living in Tampa. Partners have stepped up to assure wide popular involvement. They
include media outlets, press, television and radio; ethnic associations, universities/colleges,
businesses, community and cultural arts organizations.

The Technical Team includes:
  • John Holton, Ph.D., former site director for Harvard School of Public Health
  • Study; that quantified “sense of community” and showed its importance in children’s
  • involvement in crime, improvement in school performance and health;.
  • Kathy Kline, M.D., Principall Investigator for report done by Commission on Children At
  • sponsored by Dartmouth Medical School, YMCA of USA and Institute for American
    Values that showed the
  • importance of social connectedness for children and youth.
  • Trevor Purcell, Ph.D., Chair of Africana Studies at University of South Florida.
  • Susan Greenbaum, Ph.D., Applied Anthropologist and Professor at University of South
  • Christian Layke, Global Associate at World Resources Institute that has developed
  • workbook for Earth Charter indicators.

This project  will produce a template for other interested Earth Charter cities.

Click here for a PowerPoint Presentation (in PDF format) from August 2005.

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