Raising funds for Earth Charter Communities USA Initiatives

Recycling Programs
One way to participate in the Earth Charter's boldly optimistic vision for a sustainable future is to
participate in our
Recycling Programs for Inkjet and Laser Cartridges and for Cell Phones.  Send
them to us for remanufacturing and/or recycling.  You can be assured that our emphasis is on
remanufacturing and reusing cartridges and cell phones to reduce the use of non-renewable
resources used in the production of new products.  Otherwise, we recycle.  Read how our
programs meet the
Earth Charter's Principles of Ecological Integrity.
Benefits of Our Recycling Programs
Contribute to the health of the planet and its future
Earn additional money for your organization and/or association
Know that our earnings go to support good causes - our Earth Charter Initiatives
No cost to you to participate
Collection materials and mailing costs are free
No sorting
No impact on vendors
Know your recycler is remanufacturing and recycling, not dumping in developing countries
or landfills or incinerators
"The generation that destroys the environment is usually not the generation that suffers."
Wangari Maathai, Kenya's Earth Charter Commissioner and
winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, 2004

Earth Charter Communities
USA Initiatives
We are very pleased to be
partnering with
H2E, the
Association of Hospitals
for a Healthy Environment,
in providing our Recycling
Programs to member Hospitals.
We welcome donations of
cartridges or cell phones from
individuals.  Click on the
Individuals link above to learn
how to send your
cell phones to us.
Organizations or Associations
wishing to partner with us in
our Recycling Program may

us for information.