It's as easy as 1...2...3...

1. Collect
Collect all of the empty printer cartridges used by you or your organization.  Put them  in the
collection boxes we provide for you free of charge.  
Click here for ideas about marketing your
recycling programs within your organization.

2. Address
After you, your department or organization have collected a box full of empties, you may address
the package using a label printed from your Member Site.  If you have already registered,
here to get to your login page.  Otherwise, you may register now by clicking here.  We will send
you your login and password and you can order collection and/or mailing labels then.  Be sure
to use a mailing label or collection boxes obtained from your Member Site so that you will get
credit for the cartridges.  When printing labels or ordering cartridges from your Member Site,
your Member Number is put on your labels and collection materials.

3. Ship
Ship the package via the United States Postal Service.  Stick the label to your package or use a
pre-labeled package and let USPS take care of the rest.

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