Earth Charter Community Summits (ECCS)

Earth Charter Community Summits are held annually on the second Saturday of October:
Purpose: To inform, educate and engage people, including youth, of diverse backgrounds with
the Earth Charter through music, arts, enlightened speakers and meaningful dialogues.


  • To mainstream the Earth Charter by reaching "ordinary folks" who may not belong to
    organizations but are aligned with the principles of the EC.
  • To webcast the summits so that people who are not able to attend a summit can
  • To connect via webcast round-robin all the summit cities to generate a collective
    excitement for the Earth Charter.  Some cities unable to work out the technology provide
    video or photos for this portion of the event.
  • To launch and strengthen Earth Charter grassroots initiatives like city endorsements,
    school curricula,  Earth Scouts and League of Earth Charter Voters.

Summit Levels:

  • Big Splash Summit with known speakers and/or panels to bring high visibility to the
    Earth Charter.  This also includes dialogue and action groups focused on the Earth
    Charter. Follow-up activities are planned and promoted at the Summit to continue
  • Cozy Summit with a local speaker or creative performer to educate audience about the
    Earth Charter.  Dialogue groups are also featured to provide a first step for local
    involvement in Earth Charter actions.  Follow-up meeting is announced.  


Summit organizers are simply people who have fallen in love with the Earth Charter and want
to bring it to their hometowns. They come from a diverse backgrounds and often do have prior
history of organizing or activism.

To prevent the Summit from being seen as the agenda of one single group, it is important that
the planning committee have
at least 4 or 5 representatives from groups, organizations or
individuals from diverse backgrounds
, in addition to the summit organizer and his/her
affiliation.  The EC Community Summit should not be one part of another conference or

The Earth Charter Community Summits are an important way for us to learn that we are not
alone in wanting to live in a world that reflects the values and principles of the Earth Charter.
They also serve as a kickoff for local initiatives based on the Earth Charter. Sociologist Paul
Ray, Ph.D. studied 100,000 Americans and their values over 14 years and found that one in
four value the same things the Earth Charter is about--relationships, sustainability, the
oneness of life. However, people who share these values often work for the greater good on
their own or with a few friends. The Summits offer people that share the values of the Earth
Charter an opportunity to connect and to become a catalyst for positive change.

Please visit the
Earth Charter Community Summits website for more information.

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