About Us

Who Are We?

Earth Charter USA Communities Initiatives (ECCommunities) is the facilitator for grassroots
efforts to implement the vision and principles of the
Earth Charter in local communities.  The
office is based in Tampa, Florida and staffed by volunteers.  It grew out of the Earth Charter
Community Summits, which are held annually to inspire educate and engage people to make
the Earth Charter come alive in their personal lives and communities.
Jan Roberts is the
Director and Board members are volunteers from various backgrounds who have organized
Earth Charter Community Summits and other activities in their communities. We are all
ordinary folks who fell in love with the Earth Charter and are driven by our passion to have it
woven into the fabric of our lives, communities, society and the planet, itself.

What do we do?

The Earth Charter is a magnificent global vision but making it real in personal lives and
communities can sometimes feel overwhelming. So that is where we come in.  We offer
guidance and support in different ways to people who want to make good things happen with
the Earth Charter.  We offer written materials like Start-Up Kits for Earth Charter Community
Summits, facilitate an email newsletter, listserve and conference calls to further connection
and sharing of information, sponsor mentoring through the Earth Charter Community Alliance,
manage this website, sponsor annual retreat for Earth Charter organizers and incubate new
initiatives like Earth Scouts.

What are our responsibilities?

  1. Build visibility of the Earth Charter locally and nationally with the general public,
    businesses, governments, schools and organizations.
  2. Develop prototypes and model programs that implement the vision and principles of
    the Earth Charter.
  3. Fundraise for the national office and hub cities.
  4. Coordinate and facilitate Earth Charter grassroots activities in the US.
  5. Interface with Earth Charter International as USA Focal Point.

What is this website?

This website highlights Earth charter activities to spark imaginations and initiatives among
people who want to make the Earth Charter real.  It also links to pages with Earth Charter
Initiatives and other sites that spotlight the Earth Charter.  One of the most important things we
can do is provide ideas to  people about how they can implement the Earth Charter so if you
are doing an Earth Charter activity—no matter how small or how large—please let us know so
we can share your story.   

Click here for the 2004 Annual Report

Click here for an informational presentation about the organization

Earth Charter USA
Communites Initiatives