The Art of Earth Chartering

The Art of Earth Chartering simply means building a grassroots movement by taking the Earth
Charter into personal and professional lives without necessarily going outside everyday realm
of activities. It means putting on an Earth Charter head-set and asking, ”How can I expand
what I do to include the Earth Charter?”

Making a Difference:  Earth Day and the Earth Charter
Making a Difference:  Youth Earth Charter Club
Making a Difference:  Sisters of the Dominican Order of Sinsinawa Wisconsin
Making a Difference:  Amy Haile

Many individuals and groups practice the Art of Earth Chartering by participating in an annual
event called an Earth Charter Community Summit.  Summits are held in cities in the USA and
cities around the world.  Organize a summit in your city or help one being organized.  Visit !  It's fun and a great way to network with like-minded people.

Earth Charter Communities
USA Initiatives